With POINTSPREAD, you can dial up the excitement by wagering on whether teams will cover or beat the spread.

To play POINTSPREAD, you'd need 3 things:

  1. THE SPORTS LIST: Get it from any OLG lottery retailer or proline.ca
  3. At least $2.00

First, use THE SPORTS LIST to choose the sport you want to wager on.

Now, choose the first even you want to wager on.

Find the number under the V or H. This number represents the POINTSPREAD
If it's under the V, it means the Visitor team must win by at least the given spread.
If it's under the H, it means the HOME team must win by at least the given spread.

For POINT SPREAD events, favoured teams must win by more than the associated spread. If the favoured team wins by the exact number of the spread, the result is a "push". When a push occurs, the prize payout is reduced to the next lowest payout factor.

In this case, do you agree that the Visitor will cover the given point spread?
(They'll win by at least 6.5 points)

OR do you disagree and not think the Visitor will cover the given point spread.
Which could mean either of the following:

Mark your predicted outcome on the SELECTION SLIP. In this case you're wagering on EVENT #3, so fill In the V (Visitor) or H (Home) box beside the 3.

To complete your selection slip, you must play 2-12 events.
Now, mark the number of EVENTS you're wagering on in the left column on the SELECTION SLIP.
In this case you're wagering on 3 EVENTS.
Now, decide what you want to wager. You can wager Between $2 and $100.

The more events you wager on, the higher the Payout. Here's how the payout breakdown works:

Pause the video to take a look at the chart.

This chart is also found on the back of the SELECTION SLIP. Notice that, depending on how many events you wager on, you don't always have to get all of your selections correct to win.

Fill in your wager on the SELECTION SLIP.

Present the completed SELECTION SLIP to the OLG lottery retailer, pay and receive your POINTSPREAD ticket. Make sure to get your picks in before the cutoff time of the earliest event you're wagering on Your potential payout is calculated like this:
WAGER X FACTOR (number on payout chart) = PAYOUT

Go watch the games and cheer on your teams!

If you get your selections correct, you win according to the PAYOUT CHART. For more information, see full rules on proline.ca